Fundraising Projects

Check out these opportunities to support specific fundraising efforts by people who believe in what we’re doing at Clean Water for Haiti. If you want to donate to a specific project you can use the Chip In* meters next to the project info so we can track how much each person is raising, or mail your donations to:

Clean Water for Haiti
PO Box 871181
Vancouver, WA   98687
Checks made payable to “Clean Water for Haiti” .

Please include a note with the name of the fundraising project so we can track how much has been raised.

*Chip In is a safe way to give through Paypal that helps us track specific fundraising efforts. Donations will go directly to our Paypal account.


“Hike for Haiti”

Fundraisers: Caralee (43) & Dylan (10) Witteveen-Lane

About the Fundraiser:

With a summer coming up where I did not have to work, Dylan and I began brainstorming a special project to take on.  The idea of a hike evolved, and took solid root after we heard Jennifer Pharr Davis talk about her time on the Appalachian Trail.  Looking for something to make it about more than ourselves, we started to considering raising funds in the process.  It could only spur us on in our goal to hike at least 100 miles– right?  This is Dylan’s first backpacking experience, and my first long distance trek.  We felt the work that Clean Water for Haiti does is invaluable, and if those of your reading this agree, I urge you to donate anything, whether it be $1 for our overall efforts, or $1 a mile.

To Donate:

Chip In through the Chip In page for this event.


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