About Us

Clean Water for Haiti is a non-profit faith based humanitarian mission. We believe we are called to help the people of Haiti live healthier lives by helping with the clean water crisis. The average family in Haiti does not have easy access to clean water, but rather relies on streams, canals, rivers or piped water that is known to be contaminated for all of their drinking, cooking and bathing needs. We want to give people the opportunity have access to clean water in their homes through the use of Biosand water filters.

It’s not just about the filters though. We currently employ about 20 local Haitians. It’s exciting for us to see our staff learning new skills and improving their basic standards of living. Many have been able to buy land, build better homes and can send their kids to school.

To learn more about what we do at Clean Water for Haiti please visit our website (click on the link):

Clean Water for Haiti


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