Construction Update

In December we moved to new facilities, but I realized that we haven’t actually shared much about the construction process or where things are at now. There’s no time like the present!



The move was something that we’d spent about 5 years working toward. Literally 5 years from the time that we started talking about it until we moved. We’d had a lot of security issues over the years at our previous location, which had cost the mission a lot of money in security and legal fees, not something we were ever good with. The other issue was that as our filter program grew, we outgrew our work space. We could only ever produce a maximum of 200 filters per month because there just wasn’t room for all the supplies and the constructed filters to dry.

We bought property at the end of 2013, and in 2014 fenced it and dug a well. Then we did nothing until later that year when we broke ground on the depot building. We needed to do that first so that we could have a place to store tools and supplies that were needed during construction.

That same fall we had some exciting things happen than made it possible to move forward with construction on the main mission house and office space. You can read all about that HERE.

We broke ground on the house/office in February of last year and knew it was going to be a year of pushing hard so that we could move by December. Aside from doing the actual construction, we hit a bump in April with the sale of our previous property, but by the end of last year God had done a lot of really big things and brought so many details together that we were basically left speechless. It’s a great story and I’d love it if you checked it out HERE.

As things progressed last year I tried to somewhat regularly write a blog post, on my personal blog. Because there was so much going on those posts didn’t ever make their way here. To catch you up to date I thought it might be nice to put all the links here so you can start at the beginning and work towards moving day. We’ve done a lot more work since then, but I’m still waiting on myself to finish a few projects before we do final “reveal” pictures. I’m hoping to knock a lot of that stuff out next month while Chris is away on a fundraising trip. Until then, let me leave you with these:

Getting Ready

Let’s Get Started

Construction Week 11

Construction Week 14

Construction Week 18

Construction Week 24

Construction Week 40

Construction Week 42

Construction Week 46

Construction Week 49

Construction Week 51


We’re Home!

Hope you enjoy the window into life over the past year, and learning a bit more about our family and staff in the process. If you want to check out my personal blog you can find it at Posting has been sporadic as of late because life got so crazy, but I’m hoping to change that this year.



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