Bon Jou Tout Moun!

Bon Jou Tout Moun!  Good Day everyone!

It is always a good day here at Clean Water for Haiti; however, my favorite time of the work day is our staff morning meetings.  Despite the weather, rain or mud or mosquitoes or dark morning light, the whole crew will come together for prayer, Bible reading, and the workers will receive their work assignments for the day.  It is in our coming together for prayer and devotion that makes this start to my day so meaningful.

We meet in the courtyard entrance area, and as I walk out of my door, I will greet everyone with, “Bon Jou.”  I am greeted with smiles and a hearty “Bon Jou Pegi”.  I am pretty sure they all get a kick out of my southern accent; however, it is the endearing way in which they all say my name, with a long and strong emphasis on the “kee” sound that lightens my heart and gives me a chuckle every time I hear it.  I will then call roll to account for any tardiness or absences.  This, once again, brightens my day as each one will respond with, “Wi Pegi” or “Isit Pegi” or “Ok Pegi”.

We will first form a circle, 17 employees, Chris and Leslie, and myself, and will hold hands while we pray.   Chris will then read a chapter in the Bible, we are currently in Isaiah.  Chris will then go down the list of work for the day.  During our prayer, each one will simultaneously and quietly pray out loud.  It is like hearing beautiful music, in Creole mind you, but beautiful just the same.  I may not know everything they are saying; however, I can make out and understand a word or two and I can hear the thankfulness and love of God in their hearts as we pray.  In this moment, there are no differences, only a shared moment with God.

PicMonkey Collage 8

The important thing here is that in this moment, the idea of sharing, pretty much stays with us throughout our day here at Clean Water for Haiti.  The staff all share in the day to day responsibilities.  I have yet to see or hear anyone question a work assignment or indicate that that “Is not their job”.  The workers work together for a unified purpose.  We share common goals, and no matter our cultural differences, as a team we work diligently together.  We all know and understand the importance of the work we are doing here.  The production and installation of bio-sand water filters is what we do; however, it is our mission to provide the resources for clean water to those who otherwise would not have that opportunity.  What a lofty goal it is to envision every family here in Haiti with refreshing, clean, and contaminant free nourishing water.  It is this that will enable all good things to follow, like good health and education.

And it all starts with a shared prayer each morning.  Yes, Bon Jou Tout Moun, it is a good morning everybody.


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