International Day Of Peace

September 21 is a UN designated International Day of Peace, where citizens of the world are encouraged to observe a moment of silence at 12:00 noon local time, and reflect on what they can do to work towards global peace. It is also a time where a day of cease fire is encouraged in warring nations.

As a development organization we might not be living in what would be classified as an active war zone, but Haiti is a volatile country where unrest can erupt in the blink of an eye.

Many of these situations start at a community level and are rooted in the injustices that many Haitians live with daily. It may be a community specific issue, or it may be more on a national level.

Giving people a sense of dignity, as sense that they’re valued, and a sense of control over their lives can lead to peace. When people feel they don’t have to always function in survival mode, it leads to more peaceful interactions within their communities, and that has a ripple effect. We see the difference when we do our work here. Communities that have their basic needs met for the most part have a deeper sense of peace and calm, and you encounter a place where everyone works together for the greater good.

Providing access to clean water and education that gives people control over their health is part of that picture. It takes one more piece out of the survival mentality and allows people to move to the next step of being able to look to the needs of others.

Today, on International Day of Peace, will you help us keep doing what we do so well? During the international moment of silence, will you consider how your donation can bring peace?

It does make a difference. It shows people they have value. It shows them they mean something. That they’re worth investing in. And in many cases, it saves lives.

To donate to Clean Water for Haiti online you can visit the How To Give page on our website, or use one of the buttons below to go to our Paypal or Canada Helps pages.



Every gift counts.

Thanks for helping us love the people of Haiti!

~The Clean Water for Haiti team


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