Taking the back way…

Sometimes we have to fight to get deliveries out. This morning the delivery truck got stuck in a manifestation trying to get through Saint Marc. Our driver Hylair called me on the phone and told me they would just wait until the police came and cleared the road. I said no way, we do NOT wait for manifestations to end. Take the back road! The back road goes out back and through the mountains on a one lane dirt track. Towards the end, it clings to the side of a cliff and leans over at a precarious angle. Eventually it turns into a 3 foot wide goat track and then lets out in Pont Sondae, the gateway to the Artibonite valley. The truck made it through with only one flat tire. I’m glad we have a 4wd delivery truck. The manifestation lasted several more hours and was caused by a bunch of angry men who had their party broken up by the police early this morning. They stole 3 trucks, parked them across the highway and hid the keys before settling down to shout, throw rocks and generally cause mayhem. It’s all over now, so the delivery truck can take the main highway back tonight. 


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