Donation to CWH that doesn’t cost you anything!

A few years ago we signed up for a non-profit promotional site called “Goodsearch” and then completely forgot about it. Then, this December, our treasurer received a check in the mail! We were pleasantly surprised, and we all would like to see if we can recruit more users. 

Essentially, every time you do a search, you will generate about 2 cents in revenue for the search engine company, be that Google or some other. Goodsearch is also a for-profit company, but they send half of their revenue (1 cent) to the charity of your choice. Signing up is easy – go to, and type the name “Clean Water for Haiti” in the box offered, and let the website access your Facebook account. After that, set your browser’s default search engine to Goodsearch, and you’re done!

I’ve been using this for 3 days and I’ve raised 32 cents. That’s not enough to make a big difference, but it increases with the multipliers. If I browse at the same rate for all of 2013, something around $17 will be sent to Clean Water for Haiti, just from me changing my default search engine, and I don’t do all that many searches! If 100 people do the same thing, that’s $1700 per year, every year. That’s a full truckload of filters, paid for just by changing your default search engine! Dare I hope and dream that 100 people will change their default search engine? Well, if 100 people each get 10 friends to change their default search engine, we could have $17,000+ per year coming in, just from people changing their internet use slightly. 

As it turns out, it’s pretty hard to get people to make a few mouse clicks. It’s not that they don’t want to do it, it’s just that they plan to do it later and then “later” never happens. For example, Rich wrote our own board of directors about this two weeks ago and until now, he and I are the only members of Clean Water for Haiti actively promoting Goodsearch. Most board members haven’t even signed up yet! 

You can set it up on your smart phone or pad as well. 

I’m going to keep working on this. Every time we have a visitor, I may have to borrow their laptop or smartphone for a few minutes and change a few settings for them. Hey, it’s free money, floating to us from the internet!

Goodsearch also offers something called Goodshop which I have not signed up for myself because my wife is the one who shops, not me. It has something to do with a percentage of every purchase price from items you purchase online going to Clean Water for Haiti. If any of you readers have had experience with Goodshop, perhaps you could let others know about it in the comments. Thus far, Clean Water for Haiti has received more funds via Goodshop than via Goodsearch, so it’s worth looking into. 



I hope you enjoyed the picture of me and this goat. Please go sign up for Goodsearch now! -Chris



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