Tecnology Upgrade

I love our motto: “Empowering, Sustaining, Improving”. Right now we’re working on the improving part of the equation with a neat little project that we’re using Indiegogo to try to fund. Go straight to the link and ignore the rest of this post if you want head right to the meat of the project and the video we made.

CAWST approached me about Diffuser basins as a quality upgrade to the Biosand filter. The basins are undoubtedly better, but when I looked at the cost, it turned out to add several dollars to the cost of each filter. I’m all about squeezing the most out of each donor dollar, so I talked to some old friends from college (we studied together in the technology department) and came up with a solid model that could be used to produce a mold for an injection molding machine. I got a quote from a company here in Haiti which can make the parts for about 1/3 the cost of the folded sheet metal design that is being produced by some other projects. The mold is expensive, but we have been using and providing other projects with about 4000-5000 diffusers per year, so the mold cost will amortize pretty well. Unfortunately, the mold cost is $20,000. That’s cheap for an injection mold, but expensive for a Biosand filter project when all of America’s donor money is headed to New York after hurricane sandy.

We don’t have enough money sitting around to spend $20,000 all in one place right now. Up until recently I had this project on the back burner, waiting to go until a large chunk of donor money came in. Erik Peterson suggested we set up an Indiegogo project to promote the improved design independent of our filter project in general. We talked about it and realized that not only would this be a way to get my technology improvement fix in the middle of hard financial times, but it would also be a great way to make a strong push into social media. We haven’t done enough with social media in recent years and we need everyone on the internets to know about Clean Water for Haiti if we’re going to keep expanding our work to the far corners of Haiti.

I’m excited for this project to succeed so we can start building diffuser basins in Haiti. Please go look at the project, then tell your friends, friends’ friends and have your friend’s friends tell their friends and write their congressmen and start a regional movement. If a regional movement is too much work, donating some money to the project on Indiegogo will work just fine!



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