Vote for Clean Water for Haiti!

Clean Water for Haiti is registered with Great Nonprofits (, a website where potential donors can go and see how we rate as an organization.

Later this year they will be publishing their annual Great Nonprofits Top-Rated Awards, a listing of organizations that get good ratings on GN. This listing will be seen by over 1.4 million sets of eyes – a great opportunity for any organization listed in it. We want to be one of those organizations!

From now until November 15 you can go and review Clean Water for Haiti. We only need 10 new reviews to get on the list and we’re already partway there! Help us go above and beyond.

Just click on the picture below and take a few minutes to tell us what you think. And seriously, it only takes a few minutes. You can also sign in with an already established user name, like the one you use for facebook, so no need to sign up to their site to leave your review. It’s really easy!

Click on THIS picture. Go on, just do it!

Thanks in advance from all of us here at Clean Water for Haiti!


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