New Look and New Things!

If you’ve been reading the CWH blog for any period of time you’ll probably notice the new look. And, the absence of older posts. We’ve gone through a website update in the past few days and now we have this fabulous looking new blog page that’s easier to find. It’s our goal to get all of the old posts on here too, but it may take us a little while to figure it out. Be patient with us, please!

We also have some new features on the website that we hope everyone will be excited about.

The first is our News & Updates page. You can check here to see of any news highlights at the mission. We want you to be able to stay up to date with the exciting and important things, so we’ll post information here that we think is interesting. Check back regularly to see what’s going on.

The second improvement is the addition of our Fundraising page. Regularly we get contacted by people that want to do fundraising for Clean Water for Haiti, and we want to share those efforts with everyone so you can see what other people are doing and maybe get inspired, as well as give towards those campaigns if you feel so inclined. With each effort there will be a link to a Chip In meter where you can donate and it’ll let us know which fundraising efforts people are giving to.

The Fundraising page will also be a place where we can highlight special giving campaigns run directly by Clean Water for Haiti, like our annual Gift of Life Campaign where we send a gift card to a recipient of your choice for every $50 (the cost of one filter) donation made.

Check out the new pages, found under the HOME tab.



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