Isaac 2: Waiting

It’s about 8:15 pm and while I’m looking forward to bed time because my kids haven’t let me sleep past 4:30 am in I don’t remember how long, I wanted to drop a quick update on here before turning in for the night.

The day was pretty calm. Weirdly so, actually. A bit before 2:30 pm we started getting rain. Nothing hard to start with, but about an hour later it came down harder. Mostly like a regular storm here. We’ve had worse regular rains that what came this afternoon. Then it died off and got still again. In the last hour or so the wind has been coming and going, but equivalent to a breeze, really. I can hear the waves picking up again like they did this afternoon.

I feel like we’re kind of just waiting. I know that it’s supposed to hit around midnight, but it’s hard not to anticipate it mostly because we really don’t know what to anticipate. Chris has been here for 10 years, and it’ll be 7 for me in a week or so (crazy!) so we’ve been here for some good storms. I keep telling Chris what I’m reading and he keeps telling me that he doesn’t think it’s going to be that bad. I guess only time will tell. Maybe we should take bets on this. A whole week of cooking if I’m right… I like the sound of that :)

We’ll update you tomorrow when we see what we’re dealing with here.

Until then, good night from Haiti!



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