Thank You!

We welcomed 6 Vision Trippers yesterday, and after everyone got settled and fed, we got to open all the bags of stuff they brought in for the mission. It was like Christmas!

We have two ladies here from Alberta, a father and daughter from Nova Scotia, and a mother and daughter from Wisconsin. I know that they shared about their trip with many, and that a lot of people wanted to know how they could contribute and were a big part of sending things in. From everyone here at Clean Water for Haiti, THANK YOU!

We now have an overflowing Rubbermaid of masking tape, something we use every day in filter production. We have enough Exacto knives to last a couple years for doing installations. The guys will be THRILLED with the knowledge that we have about a year supply of work gloves. And funnels! If you need to put something into a smaller container, just let us know, we’ve got you covered! Oh, and batteries! We won’t have to buy those for a while which made Chris really happy. We’re also the recipients of some fantastic video equipment that I’m itching to try out. We’re excited because it means we can share more of what we do, more often.

We feel blessed and are really enjoying our guests this week. We’re looking forward to starting work tomorrow and having them see the whole process of building filters. Tuesday is a delivery day, and Wednesday a repair day. Between the two days everyone will have a chance to go out and see the filters in action in Haitian homes.

Thursday we’re doing something we’ve never done before – we’re taking a field trip!

We like to do a staff day at least once a year, and typically we go to one of the nearby resorts for the day. This time we decided to do something a little more… enriching. About a month ago Chris and I had the opportunity to visit Haiti’s national museum in Port au Prince and we were really impressed. We thought it would be nice to take the staff there as it’s not something most of them would ever do. Sooo, on Thursday we’re loading all of our guests and all of our staff up, and we’re doing a field trip to the museum! The museum is right next door to the National Palace, which most of our employees haven’t seen since the earthquake, so it’ll be a time to do that with them as well. We have a few other things planned, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun now, do I?

Looking forward to a great week!



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