The Foxes

Well, we were a little slow in getting this introduction out, but moving a large family to a foreign country for the summer inevitably creates a little chaos… or a lot!

We are the Fox family… Bryan, Kelly, Seth (10), Ian (8), Brennen (6), Koby (4) and lil’ Jesse (11 months).  Yes, except for me – Kelly – those are all boys’ names!!  We are working here at Clean Water for Haiti while Chris and Leslie are in Canada with Olivia and their new, sweet little addition, Alexander.

The Fox family (missing Jesse) with Yonese, CWH's super woman.

We met Chris in 2003 when our family was living in Haiti and working at a mission just down the road a little ways.  Even though we left Haiti in 2005 to go back to the United States, we’ve kept in contact with Chris and eventually Leslie too. We were so excited for them when they welcomed Olivia into their family – obviously we’re big fans of children – and are super excited for them now as they welcome their little man!

Because our time in Haiti allowed us the opportunity to become well accustomed to the culture and because Bryan can speak Creole fluently, somehow Chris had enough faith in our abilities to call us up earlier this year and ask if we would come help at the mission while he and his family were away for the summer.  We politely informed Chris that he had “turned our world upside-down”!  Incidentally, we were at a point in our lives where a summer stint in Haiti was actually an option for us.  We had been considering moving back to Haiti, and decided that this may be our opportunity for the Lord to show us if He truly does have Haiti on the map for our family’s future. Eventually we answered Chris’ request with a resounding, “Yes!”

So what have we been doing since we arrived…?  Kicking back on the beach, sipping on frozen drinks while… Oh wait, I mean… working non-stop all day long! Ha! Thankfully, it’s been just as it should be – a nice mix of both work and play.  Bryan has been having fun putting his Creole to good use and also getting back into “missionary mode”, which basically means coming up with creative solutions to the on-going stream of things that don’t quite work as they should.  The kids and I have pretty much settled into a daily routine, however, it took a little longer than expected because we spent the first several weeks battling illnesses.  Thankfully we are all better and are enjoying our summer adventure much more now.  We brought only a few small toys with us, so the boys have had to come up with their own entertainment.  They have definitely stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and kept themselves busy exploring the yard, making up games and helping their daddy work.  We are sure this is a summer they will never forget!  And one that Bryan and I won’t easily forget either! Hat tip to Chris and Leslie for providing this crazy opportunity to our crazy family!

~Bryan, Kelly and The Boys Fox



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