If you’re coming here from our newly launched, fully re-vamped website, WELCOME!

We’ve been a little sparse in the blogging realm lately but will be making an effort to be more regular with our posts and to add some variety for you.

Things are plugging along here at Clean Water for Haiti. We’ve had a great week of doing filter follow up and deliveries, with two loads going out. One is a new area that we haven’t worked in before so that’s a bit exciting.

Last week we promoted one of our workers to a new supervisor role and he’s working out great. Melix is one of those people who seems very serious, though he does have a great sense of humor. It’s exciting for us to see how seriously he’s taking this new role. Most of all, because it was an internal promotion our workers are very happy. They know he knows the work and has put the time in here, and they respect him. So far, so good!

Last Friday was pay day, and we’ve been trying to turn pay day into a staff meeting time as well. For the last few pay days we’ve had pop for the workers and caught them up on any mission business they need to know about. As a way of showing some appreciation we had Yonese come in and make a nice meal for everyone last Friday. Food is a big deal here in Haiti, and a nice meal says a lot. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it left a good vibe. It’s something we’d like to do on a regular basis to boost moral and show some love.

Ludovic filling his plate.
Olivia getting in on the food festivities. Yonese can't understand why she only ever wants to eat rice and beans when she's made all this other great food.

This week we have a guest at the mission. Anna is here as the final stage of our volunteer recruitment process. All potential volunteers have to fill out an application form. If they seem to be a good fit for our needs we follow up with a phone interview, and if that goes well we move on to an in country visit. We don’t ever want someone to come here thinking they know what they’re getting themselves into and finding out it’s nothing like that. Haiti is already hard enough when you have an idea about what to expect. If Anna joins our staff she’ll be taking over a bunch of the administration work that I do because we have a baby on the way and I’ll be heading back to Canada for the birth, and will have my hands full when I come back, to say the least. It’s always exciting when we see God growing and changing things here.

I think that’s the news from here for today. I hope you have a great weekend!



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