Many of you have heard about the cholera out break in Haiti. In fact I’m guessing that many of you have come here because you’re wondering about it.

The Biosand filters that we install are designed to help with this exact problem. Families that already have an installed and well functioning filter in their homes will be less at risk than those that do not. The other part of the equation is teaching people about preventative sanitation practices.

So, how is Clean Water for Haiti responding to the cholera outbreak?

We are very happy to report that Peter and Sara Craig, the couple that is working with us and who will be starting the second production facility early next year, have been doing a wonderful job with educating our staff and being proactive about how the mission responds in our absence (Chris and I are currently in Canada on a much needed sabbatical).

As part of their efforts, Peter and Sara have spent time educating our staff about cholera, how it’s spread, and how people can protect themselves. The staff that are responsible for filter follow up are checking on filters that have been installed in the more impacted areas to make sure that they’re working properly. They are also spending time out in those communities educating people on how to stay safe. Our delivery crew has been diligent about checking with the community organizers in the areas waiting for filters to see if there are reported cases. While we don’t want to avoid helping people, we do want to make sure our staff are safe, so at this point they have been staying out of the most infected areas. They will resume working in those areas as things become more contained. In another attempt to educate the Craigs and our staff have distributed over 600 flyers in our local area that teach people about prevention and treatment for cholera.

We’re hoping these steps will help people be proactive about protecting themselves from cholera. People don’t need to get sick. It can be prevented, it just takes education. We’re so proud of our team on the ground.



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