Training Class

We are almost done another training class. This week we have 6 Haitian students and 4 foreigners. The Haitian students work with World Neighbors, an organization that we trained several years ago. They support local “artisans” on various projects. The people have here have been building filters for some time, but not all of them were directly trained by us. In an effort to help World Neighbors have the best filters they can we encouraged them to retrain, or train those that had been trained by others through us. We had 7 students in our last class and now this group of 6.

One thing I love about being a development organization is that we get to meet people from all over the world that are also doing development work. This week the foreigners are case in point. They work with an organization called Hands On Disaster Response and are currently based out of Leogane doing post-quake work. Two of them are from the US and two are from the UK. They’ve done a lot of traveling and are here for different periods of time as volunteers. I love that by doing what we do we get to connect with lots of different people that are here for similar reasons. I feel like it’s opening us to a bigger world.

We’ve enjoyed this week of class and the mix of people we have. It’s a highlight of what we do here in Haiti.


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