Another Vision Trip ends

Today we said good-bye to our Vision Trippers. We had some good fun with them. This group was  a bit different in the sense that Bobbi and Chris had been here before. In fact, Bobbi had lived in Haiti for a year. Their understanding of things was quite different than most and we enjoyed that.

Yesterday Chris, Olivia and I took them for a drive up to Fort Delpeche just outside of Montrouis. Well, actually, we tried to take them for a drive up there but only got about halfway up and then had to turn around because the road was all rutted from rain and was really loose so we couldn’t get any traction. We had brought a picnic, so on our way back down we found a meadow that had an amazing view. It was a fun morning despite having to adjust plans.

The Chris' and Olivia check out the view on the way up. This particular area has had it's trees cut for charcoal and was burned off, probably for planting.
Heading back to the car after our picnic.

We like to get out and do a variety of things with our guests, and yesterday was just one little adventure. Earlier in the week Sara took them for a walk around our area, Chris took them for a hike to a beautiful water source nearby, they went on deliveries with our staff, we did errands in St. Marc and last night we joined a friend for dinner at one of the local resorts.

If you’ve been considering coming on a Vision Trip we hope you’ll get in touch with us. There’s more info on the Vision Trip page about dates and details. We would love to have you here and show you what we’re doing firsthand.

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