Happy Easter!

Originally posted on Rollings In Haiti.

Finally getting a chance for a little Easter day post.

  • Yesterday did the fastest trip ever into Port. Left really early with Sara’s parents and Brian, a visitor from Lifewater Canada, and Peter. Peter drove to Port for the first time and did famously. We dropped Sara’s parents off, went to the nearby gas station and waited for about 15 minutes, went back to the airport and dropped off Brian and…
  • … Picked up Marshall. Marshall and I worked at Sunnybrae Bible Camp together for a few summers way back in the day. Waaaayyy back in the day. We hadn’t seen each other in 14 YEARS! We reconnected through facebook almost two years ago after he had just returned from a trip to Haiti. When he found out what Chris and I are doing here he said that he wanted to visit sometime. Well, he was able to make a trip in to work with GLA for a week and planned a few extra days at our place. We’re having fun catching up and having a hard time believing that we are both old enough to have a lot of gray hair or less hair, be married and have kids. Friends are such a blessing, especially the ones you can go for a really long time without seeing and just pick up with. Love that.
  • Yesterday after we got home from our speedy trip in and out (seriously, left at 5:40 am and were back by about 9:30 am) Chris, Marshall and I decided to take a drive up to Fort Depeche, past Ivoire. You have to drive up this crazy road, but the missions new 4×4 passenger vehicle did it so nicely (got the Santa Fe about a month ago since the van is still out of commission). I was sad that my camera battery was dead and I didn’t check it before I left. This place was amazing. The fort is still all standing (walls) and there are still canons sitting in the parapets. We packed a little picnic and loved sitting on the grass in the fort. It was quiet and high enough that the air was cooler and pleasant. It was a lot of driving, but a fun way to pass the day.
  • Went to church this morning and enjoyed being a part of that, even though it was a 3.5 hour service.
  • Had a missionary meeting here today too. Spent time talking about the sacrifice that Chris was for us. Enjoyed that message and the time with the other missionaries.
  • Olivia consumed more cookies and jelly beans than I was able to count while everyone was over. I mean, I tried to keep track and somewhat limit them, but her and Abe are apparently sneaky and realized they could push their little Haitian chairs up to the table and reach the chocolate chip cookies. The result is that too much sugar was consumed, no nap was had because of the meeting and now someone is overtired and sugared up. FUN.
  • We are smelling the deliciousness of the lamb that is cooking. Before Christmas we bought a sheep and our friend Richard fattened it up, de-wormed it and butchered it for us at the beginning of last month. We’re having a big family dinner with the Craigs and Marshall. Yum!

Happy Easter!



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