Still Shaking

Originally posted on Rollings In Haiti.

Last night we came out of a dead sleep at about 1:30 am because of an aftershock. Apparently there was one yesterday morning too – 4.2 in Port. Now when we get them not everyone feels them. I didn’t feel the one yesterday, but Chris and I both woke up around that time and we think it’s because the earth was shaking, but we just thought it was the other moving in bed. Last night I woke up and reached for him and we both just lay there waiting to see how long it would last. Chris said he heard stuff rattling, I wasn’t that awake.

Today is Manba day. The clinic is open again today so it should be another busy day.

I guess an upside is that the road crew is fixing our driveway. That will be a blessing. Our driveway is kind of steep and after they fix the road and put in the new fill and raise it up there’s no way we’d safely get out. As it was we’d have to start honking at the bottom and hope and pray nothing was coming as we shot out and over the top of it. There were many close calls. They’re going to change the grade of it so it’s less steep and pack it down nicely. So excited, though life might not be as exciting. (There was supposed to be sarcasm in there, in case you missed it.)


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