7.0 or 5.5, depending on your source or where you were.

Reposted from Rollings in Haiti.

Yes, there was an earthquake about an hour or so ago. It was crazy! I was sitting at my desk writing emails when things started shaking and I thought a big truck was going by on the highway because sometimes you feel that here, but then it got worse and all I could do was basically sit and hold on. Olivia was out in the yard and I sat watching her stand with the guard and felt jealous because nothing was going to fall on their heads if it got any worse. I, was looking around watching the walls waiting to see big cracks form, but nothing did. Thanks to Otto’s engineering and the many thousands of dollars of rebar in the house.

After it was done shaking we heard people yelling all around the neighborhood. After shocks hit for the hour or so after but have stopped.


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